Australian Computational Chemistry via the Internet Project - ACCVIP

Master's degree and Graduate Diploma in Computational Chemistry via the internet

Important Announcement from 2001.

It is with some regret, that we announce that the M Sc in Computational Chemistry and Graduate Diploma in Computational Chemistry will no longer be offered from any of the participating universities from 2002. No new students will be admitted into the course from the beginning of 2002. Existing students will be fully supported in completing the course.

The prime reason is that two of the staff involved are approaching retirement and we want to ensure that all students in the program can complete their studies. To do this it was necessary to stop the student intake in the very near future from the beginning of this year.

Current situation - 2006.

One of us, Brian Salter-Duke, did take early retirement at the end of 2001 and has had three years as a Honorary Fellow at the Northern Territory University (renamed Charles Darwin University in 2003). Brian moved to Melbourne in late 2004 and has an Honorary appointment with David Chalmers at Monash University and Dick Harcourt at Melbourne University. Another, Ted Lloyd is recently retired from Monash University. The last student remaining in the programes has just completed in early 2006.

We leave the rest of this site up for general interest.

The Masters course involves work using the web at the student's home site, followed by a short research project. The Graduate Diploma course is identical with the exclusion of the research project.

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